ZAID ALI Confusing People part 2


In this video ZAID ali confusing people video 2 , ZAid Ali is back again with all the humour and desi style! Watch and don’t forget to share!

ZAid Ali confusing people part 2  This is the second part of the series in which Zaid Ali tries to confuse people in asking in his desi language, which off course foreigners never understand. In one scene he asks a couple that if they could teach him to make a “gol roti” . In another scene he asks a lady about massage oil as “laganay wala tail” , but the lady is totally confused.
With the same couple , in another scene he asks that if they could teach him to cook “biryani” as he hold a cooking pot in his hand in the mall. Zaid ali makes fun with the janitor. Watch the funny video, dont forget to share!