Pointing towards the chair, she asked me to sit beside her, where she was playing the piano. I followed. A thin, feeble child, dressed in a delicate pink frock with her sparkling big eyes moved her tiny little fingers slowly across the black and white keys with soft pushes. This little fairy looked towards me with pauses, in attempt to assure that she had my attention. Just observing her fondness, and the tiny packets of happiness she was catching as she pushed the keys and then looking at me with her magical smile, I sat quiet and eager, peeping into her world, living her time. She herself couldn’t listen to the symphony she was creating with the blend of her charm and innocence, nor could she hear any of the symphonies of this world.

She was born to a family in Azad Kashmir. By birth, nature had deprived her of ability to hear and speak. This was something what saddened me deeply. This was her world, a world of muteness. No words spoken, no speech heard. Only thing that was the way to her heart was her eyes, her big black eyes. At the age of almost two, she had learnt to communicate effectively with gestures. Waving her tiny arms and with the expression of her face, she easily expressed her craving for the ice cream her sisters were enjoying. Her world had no sounds of joy, nor she could speak of the pain she felt, yet she relished every moment. Yes, because the best things in the world are only felt by heart.


Soon she left as she had to go for the treatment in Islamabad. She had to face the treatment for several months to come as doctors suggested. Her world left some of its light into my world, the light of trust, the light of hope that one day she could listen to everything beautiful and speak out of her pure heart.

We share the same earth, yet we live in different worlds. These are the worlds we create for ourselves. We assume ownerships, we assume loyalties to strengthen ourselves. We create boundaries, to keep us from going where our strength fails. This is what we call ‘limits’. This is our world, so we are free to set the boundaries as we like. There are two powers, intellect and emotion, always battling for the right to rule the world. Amazingly, it’s us who fight, it’s us who get injured. We win the war and it’s only us who lose. We are the rulers, we are the ruled.

Alas! In doing so we break someone else’ world. I see the world of Syrian child Omran. To him world is a ruthless, reckless monster who took his home away. Blood ran from his face through his eyes as his whole body is covered with the layer of white dust from debris, only to depict the shattered dreams. So what did he feel when he saw the blood on his hands from his face? Someone has invaded his world and robbed him. Someone stranger, someone uninvited. Setting fire to his world and many others, the monster strengthens. His world is burning and warmth comes to our dark worlds. In the light we see his face for a moment and then the smokes covers the light. We are blind again.

I see the world of Edhi. Dividing your world into pieces and then distributing into the people who can’t build their own worlds. Restoring the worlds of those with the wretched ones. Making the world as a whole a beautiful place to live in. What a world he had made for himself! His world was full of struggle. Fighting with the monsters like those who destroyed Omran’s world, such men are warriors of worlds, ruler of hearts. They are the sun to the dark worlds.

Our worlds are connected by needs, desires, feelings and fate. Some worlds inspire ours while some induce fear. Then there are connections of love and hate. Through these connections our worlds are entangled. These connections put constraints to our worlds so that we surrender to them. Hopes, expectations, liabilities are the burden that our worlds raise. Passion from the pure heart drive us so that we survive. The passion that had Edhi had, the passion that sparkled in the eyes of that lovely little fairy, the passion that ran in the blood of Omran, the passion within us, must live!

This passion speaks to you to keep it alive as this is the only hope of this world and the worlds within. It must be protected, preserved and raised, so that the world sees more Edhi, to fight the monsters like invaders of Omran’s world. Protect it so that the blindness of this world ends!

May Allah be with us all!

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