Why am I so lazy and tired all the time?

Why am I so Lazy and tired all the time?

Asking your self,”Why am I so lazy and tired all the time?”


A person is called lazy when he has the ability to carry out a task and is expected to do it, but he could not find enough energy  for the effort involved. Generally he gives up the idea or lose the motivation.

He may either involve himself in some activities that require less effort or he can decide to stay idle.

What causes laziness?

Are you looking for the answer?

There could be several answers to your question ” Why am I so lazy and tired all the time?”

One possible cause for your laziness is the lack of concentration or distraction. You can see very common examples including TV, Twitter, Facebook, your cell phone etc. Every time you plan to carry out your planned stuff, these things always try to stop you and move your attention towards themselves. Actually, it is not “they” but you , who has a weak determination.


Your brain is not a computer. It cannot bear so called multitasking. Studies have shown that people thinking of themselves as capable of multitasking are actually just shifting from one task to another. You have to drop the others, when working on one.

So first answer to “why am I so lazy and tired all the time?” is that because you stick more than one tasks to yourself simultaneously. Focus on one thing, and you will not be lazy anymore.

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The second thing is your mind. You imagine the situation or plan before standing up for a task. Sometimes you cant figure out where to start. This causes a negative effect on the determination. This is something that comes from inside.

You have to sum up some energy and shake away the discouraging thoughts. Have faith in yourself that you can do it. Always remember, those who try never fail!

why am I so lazy and tired all the time

The third thing is your lifestyle. You may be suffering from laziness because you don’t take time seriously. You don’t have a routine. This may also be possible that you may not be taking proper nutrition. Food is the basic source of energy to the mind, and to the body. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink water as much as you can manage.

I hope you found the answer to  “why am I so lazy and tired all the time?”.

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