TransAsia plane crashes into Taiwan river:Shocking Video

TransAsia plane crash on cam! – Taipei – 04 02… by bigcocomero

A Transasia Airways twin turboprop traveler plane has collided with the Keelung waterway in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, three minutes in the wake of taking off from Songshan Airport. 53 travelers and five group parts were ready the flight destined for Kinmen, an island close to the territory Chinese area of Fujan. The latest reports are that upwards of 28 individuals may have survived the horrific accident, however the loss of life is prone to move higher. The black box has been recouped and will let us know why the plane tilted quickly once again to earth, cutting a taxi and the interstate before diving into the water. Both the pilot and copilot were veteran fliers with more than 12,000 flight hours between them. Sadly for Transasia, simply a year ago, 48 individuals were executed when one of its planes flying from Kaohsiung, Taiwan endeavored to land in the Penghu Islands. There were 54 on board in that mischance. The carrier has likewise had crashes in 1995, 2002 & 2003. By and large, a year ago, 2014, really had the least aggregate accidents of any year in history since the broad appropriation of the plane as an intensely utilized method for transportation, notwithstanding the vanishing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 over the Indian Ocean and Malaysia Airlines flight 17 being shot down over Ukraine, which was the deadliest avionics shootdown ever. It’s currently uncommon for a western-based aerial shuttle to endure a deplorable mischance, so the test for individuals is to copy that achievement in Asian and African carriers whose accidents are presently snatching all the features.

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