23 thoughts on “Top 5 Pranks of 2014

  1. I wonder what the reaction to 7:40 would have been if it were two men.
    Probably not as quiet or accepting. :/

  2. Its beyond me to think why people hate Us so much. We provided free labor
    under inhumane circumstances and then once you release those chains you
    want to hate Us. You create laws in order to keep us from success, from
    education to keep us as the subordinate group and you still hate Us. You
    taught your children to hate Us simply because of our skin color, because
    of our hair, because of our culture. After all the pain and suffering of
    our ancestors, you want to just shake hands and tell us to forget. You
    wonder why most of us are angry at the world, as if non of this happened,
    as if you didn’t create this anger deep inside of me and when some of us
    can no longer hold it in you label us all as violent animals with no home
    training. I have 0 ounces of patriotism inside of me because this country
    has done nothing but hurt my people. I do not have hate for anybody but I
    do always keep in mind what you are capable of

  3. Doesn’t it bother African American people that they all behave the fucking
    same? I swear Africans from Africa have more diversity than black Americans
    pulling up their pants behaving like a bunch of inbred schoolyard children.
    I live in the UK and I’ve never come across black people here behaving like
    they experienced first hand what it felt like being a slave. Preposterous.

  4. The reason black people get so aggressive is because we are raised in homes
    where we are taught to respect others. Land when we grow up we expect
    respect. Respect isn’t enforced upon white kids as strongly as it is black
    kids, so white kids don’t know how important respect is to African

  5. The kidnapper might have been black but he looked more dark hispanic to me,
    but if he was black so what? you cant sum up an entire race based on what
    one person did because i’m sure all races have kidnapped . BTW i hope that
    guy gets caught and executed, fuckin dumbass

  6. In my opinion…the first 2 were great! The 3rd and 5th one were bad (not
    bad quality just bad because of the reactions you’d get) The 4th one was

  7. Wow, I swear everytime a video showing a black male behaving badly. Racists
    attack like it’s Klu Klux Klan rally. First, not all Blacks act like this
    so stop associating all blacks with eachother. Second the reason black guys
    tend to go off is because these pranksters say some word that is normally
    used to start a fight, etc… Notice how as soon as they pranksters go up
    to them they don’t just automatically go off. Notice as well everytime a
    prankster says “it’s a prank” or shows them the beef in this case. Most of
    the dudes laughed and look like cool people even giving the dude a
    handshake, also agreeing to use their reactions which they could have been
    an asshole and said “fuck that, hell no”. Smh my rant is over.

  8. What city is this? Didn’t know there were American cities with such a large
    black population. Only Peckham and Hackney are like this in England

  9. What does the black guy at 1: 09. mean by ”You’re trying to get at it?”
    I googled it but didn’t find any results

  10. For all stupid people in here…. Nigga isnt a bad word okay? Nigga means
    black person. The stupid Americans, black people when they get called nigga
    they get offended. They shouldnt. That just means black man. And white
    people dont get offened if niggas call the white people whitey or smtht
    like that

  11. For everyone who asks why black pepole so agressive…its only because they
    know you hate them and they different from the white pepole so they
    protecting themselves from you and its also because they was our slaves so
    that why some of them aggressive got it? Also I got too black friends and
    we always kidding and having fun , dont think I hate black pepole I am just
    saying why they aggressive so understand that now.(sorry for bad English).

  12. What they heck, did that black dude seriously just try and kidnap that
    child? Or and I confused and that was part of the prank?

  13. Man y’all white niggas get on my nerves with dat racist shit I mean like
    y’all talk about us but look at jackass there the out of control white

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