25 thoughts on “Pranks gone wrong compilation funny jokes funny pranks

  1. I HATE THIS VIDEOS- is all Black People just to make our race LOOK BAD –
    how come YOU DO a video like this where there is all MEXICANS- OR WHITE
    PEOPLE – why have to be BLACK ???

  2. fuck black people.. you say 1 thing to them and they assume punch you in
    the face mode.. no questions asked… O_O;

  3. Fucking violent people, I’m white and I’m not racist but these black people
    are just looking for a chance to beat someone up. It’s like acting like an
    apes, some white people too, we all should be civil instead of reverting to
    being uncivilised apes. I know some people have it tough but thats no
    reason to be savages.

  4. Every thing you do goes wrong don’t keep saying it if one of you guys gets
    killed trying to entertain us I’m unsubcribing 

  5. Do prank in the hood ask people why did you kill my dog in the hood people
    pleas like this so they see this 

  6. I can see why people in America don’t like black people (I’m black myself).
    They can be very short tempered and aggressive but if you meet a non
    American black person you will see there nothing like these ”hood”
    people. So if your gonna say bad stuff about them say Afro-American not

  7. Not gonna lie it was hilarious when he asked and like 8 people were like
    “NIGGA WHAT” what you guys have to understand though is people react based
    on what they are used to. These people don’t know that it’s a prank and in
    that environment you’re taught that anyone could be out to get you for
    whatever reason. I’ve lived on both sides… Ghetto and the suburbs, and I
    can tell you with confidence that everyone reacts to things based on the
    environment that they come from. Those who can’t understand that haven’t
    lived a life where dangerous things can happen and a wrong move can
    literally result in a loss of life. Not justifying the violence at all
    because all humans have their contribution to the destructive tendencies of
    our race. It’s not a black or white thing. Colors are redundant and fairly
    childish to even use to describe something as complex as a human being. We
    are all one race. Instead of pointing the finger, be one of the few people
    in this world that will try to remedy the problem. 

  8. Well maybe because most people are like ” in the hood” which translates ”
    targeting black people to piss them off”

  9. I hope one of them does get stabbed one day. Then they will realize how
    fucking retarted they are for filming this shit in a black hood.

  10. Says racist joke to black man. Black man gets pissed and punches racist
    white boy. “ITS JUST A JOKE DUDE!” What a bunch of idiots 

  11. Why do you always in your vids go to black people I think its wrong and one
    day you will get hurt and might get killed 

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