How to prepare for a phone interview?

How To Prepare for a Phone Interview? 

Phone Interview Questions| Phone Interview Tips:

Once you know that you are going to have a phone interview, you are hurrying to look for the phone interview answers and tips for you to get through well. Well we have summarized some answers to your  questions so that you can do a wholesome phone interview preparation.

There is one way of job interview that is practiced by most companies before the actual interview and that is phone interview. Well, if you are about to experience such, do not panic down to your bone marrows. This is something you could handle and it is somehow a polish for you for an actual interview.This article covers some phone interview tips to help you with the phone interview preparation.


The following are the phone interview tips  you have to have in mind so that you would be able to pass a phone interview when you are able to do the following well:


  • As you wait for the interviewee’s call, place your resume near you for guidance.
  • Bring a paper and pencil for you to take notes
  • Be sure to turn off call waiting options or whatever features that may disturb you while taking the call.
  • Make sure that there is silence for it may disturb your conversation if there are children crying and other forms of noise.
  • No stereo, no TV please.
  • Beware of eating or drinking anything while on an interview. You could take a sip of water when the interview is that long.
  • Speak clearly and smile while you answer.
  • Address the interviewee politely.
  • Listen well and do not interrupt the interviewee.
  • Answer briefly but straight to the point.
  • Say thank you and appreciate compliments.


Though you do not see the person on the other line, you have to act as if you are talking face-to-face. It is good to be relaxed while taking the call. It would be sensed by the interviewee, whether you are sincere or you are too pressured.

When the phone rings, take a deep breath, lift the receiver and say to yourself that you are indeed going to make it for that job.

With the reminders above, you would definitely be able to make it well for the phone interview.

Please share your experience about your interview and tell if this article helped.