Proud Father of Brave Son Kashmir

Proud Father of Brave Son

This day marks 60th day of curfew in Kashmir!

A few months ago, Muzaffar Ahmed Wani was known only the by the residents of a small village Sharifabad in the south of Indian occupied Kashmir. He had two sons and he was known as a respected headmaster of a school. He got international fame when one of his son, Burhan Wani, got martyred in the hands of Indian military forces. On 8th July 2016, Burhan’s martyrdom followed mass protests throughout the valley of Kashmir.

Burhan Wani, Kashmir

This protest shook the Indian government and its false claim over the Kashmir valley started proving more bogus. India’s prime minister became that much muddled by the protest that he started giving stupid statements about people of Baluchistan, Wide protests by the people of Baluchistan showed him the ground reality afterwards. The 21 year old Burhan Wani put new zeal and new spirit in the Kashmir Movement and made Muzzaffar Wani a symbol of valor. His various interviews to Indian Media were published and some key points from them are cited below:

Question: Why did your son opt for armed retaliation against Indian military forces?

M Wani: Media has previously told that the Indian Army had formerly beaten Burhan and Khalid, they turned into Mujahedeen in vengeance. This is factually wrong. Kashmir has been burning for a century. When Burhan saw funerals of Kashmiri martyrs in 2010, he turned against the Indian rulers. Indian army beats almost every male resident of the occupied valley, but not everyone picks up the weapons. Actually it depends on how much oppression a Kashmiri can bear? How much esteem is there in the heart? On continued provocation by the Indian army, some of them decide to retaliate. My son could not bear the oppression on the innocent Kashmiris and his insult, so he took arms.

Question: How do you feel about the fame that Burhan got?

M Wani: Burhan was very active on social media along with the field, this made him famous in the media. However, I did not like the interest Indian media took in him. Burhan was not the creator of the War for Freedom of Kashmir, it has been going on since long. It is not the war of Burhan alone, every Kashmiri possesses the passion against the Indian invaders. These oppressors have killed a hundered thousand Kashmiris in Sirinagar, Saupur, Anantnag and other areas during the last fifty years. What for all those martyrs searching for? Freedom! Yaseen Malik, Shabir Shah have the desire for freedom too. They are active in the politics but they have the same objective. When the Freedom Movement started, Burhan was not even born!

Question: It has been heard that Burhan remaind captive to Indian forces?

M Wani: No, though the army did trouble the family. In 2014, Obama visted Delhi. We were several hundered miles away from Delhi but they detained me and Khalid for three days. In the same way when Modi came here in 2015, I was arrested again. It’s true that after 2010, I have been at the target of Indian forces. Whenever the Mujahedeen attacked somewhere, I and Khalid were arrested. Due to this Khalid could not appear in the exams.

This is not all, in the southern Kashmir, Indian Army arrests the Imams of the mosques. This is a direct attack on Islam. The Indian government thinks that they urge people against it, while they talk of Islam in the mosques. Therefore, to me the Indian army attacks on Islam by arresting the Imams.

Question: How is your professional life affected, as a father of a Mujahid?

M Wani: Yes, the government tranfers me to far away villages. Three years back, I was transferred back to my region because the people of Tiral insisted and I was made the principal of a local high school. Only three days later, I was transferred to Shopian District, a faraway area. I stayed there for two years and came back to Tiral. Because of being father of Burhan, I was being troubled. Police raids became a routine. Every second, third day, police came as if they had any clue and searched our house, even it checked by striking the walls and the floor to see, if there is a hidden passage. These raids destroyed our peace of mind, but the whole family bore the pain for the sake of Freedom movement.

Question: What is your opinion about the present government of Kashmir?

M Wani: When in March 2015, Mufti Saeed of the PDP (People’s Democratic Party Jammu and Kashmir) became the Chief Minister, we had hope the situation of occupied Kashmir would get better and the Indian Security forces would not oppress the innocent Kashmiris. But this government has proven worse.

The new wave of torture by the Indian Forces continues to this day since 8th July, mobile networks are suspended depriving the masses from the basic human rights.

Curfew has been reinforced in the valley. Today is the 60th day of the curfew.