Online Worlds, Virtual life and Simulation of Reality



Online Worlds, Virtual life and Simulation of Reality


By Hafiz Anwarullah Khan 

People have different versions about how the world would come to an end. Will the sun die out or some star will crash with our planet and devoid it from the beauty of life? You go on with the no. of accepted possibilities and the list will keep rolling. One of these possibilities, is the quo of artificially intelligent beings which will nib the human race from the bud, and for that case people argue for ethics and rules of work for the development and outcomes of artificial intelligence. We, the humans, can never take the idea of being run over by our own creations.

The creation of the world, on the other hand, is another topic of hot debate between different schools of thought. With Pope Francis finally accepting the Evolution theory, we are not in the homogeneous state of “all accepted” domain. The arguments on either side are persuasive enough to take you along, once you decide to remove the bias glass and listen with logic. In any case, many maintain a different concept of the creation and sustenance of world. Their concept is deeply rooted to the conception of reality in our minds.

Human beings are intelligent specie, and passing through the rigorous process of evolution, today are on the verge of creating further intelligent beings to aid them in the arenas where their abilities fail them. They want to be the masters of a new generation of “artificially” intelligent group that will work on their accord, and would never question master, as an obedient salve. Others are also willing to give some free will to these slaves and let them have the space to evolve over time and experience, to reach as much complex intelligence as they can. The limit to this complexity is still unknown and the only gate that leads to the path of its definition passes through the corridor of experiment.

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Those who talk about the planet’s doom due to the “intelligence quo” advocate that this limit would never be defined, and once given the freedom to evolve over endless span of time, source of all kind of knowledge and the complex fiber of emotions; these beings will gain powers that, in the end shall topple and bring an end to the human era on earth. Yet, to whatever limits they get intelligent, to us they shall always remain “artificially intelligent”.

Analyzing the concepts of “reality” among people of different ages or among different species of the same time, one can see that reality is extremely relative. What might be real then, is not real now. What might be real to a bat or a fish, might not be real to a human and much more. We always set some standards for reality and compare things with that to label them as artificial, fake or simulated. These standards vary widely over the time-line and also over the level of receptor senses. So, for us our intelligence is real whereas that of “them” is artificial.

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Let’s get back in time to the point where the standard to our intelligence was set by someone else. The standard by which, we were artificially intelligent, because our intelligence was the product of a greater intelligence and was just constructed and left to evolve, either to facilitate some work or to better understand the complex greater intelligence by constructing basic “models”. We were allowed to evolve in a restricted, simulated environment, just like the high tech computers of this age; and the simulation started. Time lapsed, complexity increased and the game became interesting. These basic models started to build emotions, moved from personal to communal and to national and international levels. They build their own laws that governed them but with some basic exceptions, which were never given in their control. They planned and executed, mostly on their will but didn’t always succeed. They knew that a power of higher intelligence, higher power and supremacy existed to control them all, yet they thrived, strived, fought, loved and lived for their ideals and ambitions.

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They gained technology and started to create their own models to understand their own intelligence. Each of them knew that one day everything will come to a halt and their world will be destroyed. Who told them, nobody knew. It was all “built in”. They started proposing theories for the end and simultaneously kept on pacing towards the better and better understanding of their own complex “self”. To them, this all was and still is, real and they do not want it to end. They want to live and to evolve to the limit that would never reach. But yes, they are going out of range. They are dangerously over evolved and are now posing a threat to the “original” intelligent race. The simulation has to be stopped now for the intelligent don’t want to be run over by their own creations and obviously, masters don’t like questioning slaves.

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