Likesplanet script bot full working script imacros New 2015

Likesplanet script likesplanet bot full working script imacros 2015

Likesplanet script likesplanet bot full working script imacros 2015

Individuals who trade Social media fans must be thinking about, the site that was in main 10 destinations for Social Media Exchange and was sold by Cash2Hits Owner for $12,000. The manager of C2H has now made another Social Media Exchange site which is so far the better of LikesASAP. The name of the new site is Besides, this new site is the most ideal approach to get both fans and cash. Its payout rates are much higher than those of LikesASAP. One future getting $1 for each 5000 focuses he gathers. gives a superior referral framework as well. The referrer gets 10 focuses every information exchange (6 Hits). 1/10 focuses for each Referral Link Visit. 100 Points every dynamic information exchange (100 Hits). Not simply this, the referrer gets half of the aggregate profit made by the alluded client. That is a major benefit. What’s more, LikesPlanet says that one can without much of a stretch acquire $4 a day on the off chance that he can create a decent volume of referrals.

LikesPlanet Provides :

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Likesplanet script bot full working script imacros 2015: Today I’m going to talk about a 100% Safe and Anti-Ban Hack, through which you’ll be getting more than 10000 focuses like clockwork without yourself clicking on a solitary Like/Follow catch.


Are you a Visual Learner ? Watch this feature !!

Note : Currently, there is just Facebook Page Likes Script, visit consistently for more scripts of more systems.

Thus, lets begin off with the fascinating methodology !!

Download Each and Every Thing from here Free!:


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Mozilla Firefox (Download)iMacros Add-On for Firefox (Download)*NEW* LikesPlanet Scripts for iMacros   (Download






Technique :

Firstly, introduce Mozilla (in the event that you haven’t done) into your gadget. Open Mozilla, and introduce iMacros Add-On for Firefox. Download connections are given above. Duplicate the downloaded LikesPlanet Script records for (iMacros (.iim) documents) into your iMacros catalog which is generally C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\iMacros\Macros.

You are then prepared to go !!

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Log In to your LikesPlanet Account and related Social Network (Eg. Facebook). Since starting now there is just Facebook preferences script, you’ll have to log in into Facebook just.
  3. Close all different tabs aside from the LikesPlanet Tab.
  4. Click on the iMacros Button at the upper right corner of your Mozilla Window.
  5. The iMacros Window will show up on the left corner of the screen.
  6. Pick one of the scripts according to your prerequisite (Eg. Facebook Page Likes.)
  7. Enter the “Max” no. of circles to be performed. Consider entering 9999 for a more drawn out period. One circle will get you 1 page like focuses. That implies, if your are striving for 9999 circles, you will acquire around 9999×2-14 focuses.
  8. You’ll need to sit tight for the focuses to increment to a superior extent.(May be 4-5 hours).

You ought to proceed with your other work in an alternate program. Verify, you don’t log into LikesPlanet through some other gadget or program at the time of circling. Don’t utilize Mozilla for different works while circling, consider utilizing Internet Explorer or Chrome for the interim.

Likesplanet script bot full working script imacros New 2015 free download above!

When you glance back at your focuses following few hours, you will be amazed without a doubt !! Appreciate !!


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