Just For Laughs HD Funny Jokes Funny Pranks

Just For Laughs HD Funny Jokes Funny Pranks

Just For Laughs HD Funny Jokes Funny Pranks


20 thoughts on “Just For Laughs HD Funny Jokes Funny Pranks

  1. I like about these shows… The music isn’t loud, it’s soft… And you
    never see fighting, always laughter that’s why these videos are loved…
    This should tell you something…

  2. I am a fan of most of the pranks… but the goldfish popping out the candy
    machine one was terrible. Those poor goldfish had to be taken out of
    water, thrown on the dirty ground, injured by the impact, gasp for air,
    flop around helplessly, and were used like objects, not as living creature.

    Also, what does that prank say to people? It shows them that animals/fish
    are to be treated as objects and disrespected… not treated as a living
    creature. And that’s not a message that should be sent out.

    And also, what about the people? They could have done that to someone who
    was phobic of fish and it could have really impacted them mentally.

    They should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of doing a prank
    like that.

    I hope those poor fish are okay.

    Live animals should never be used in pranks. They could get hurt.

    Sorry to go on a rant there but…. it needed to be said. :/ I hope they
    don’t do pranks like that in the future. 

  3. Q~Q Those poor fish… and those stupid people! you shouldnt just throw a
    cute little innocent fish on the ground even if It is dead! 

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