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Just for Laughs Compilation – 10 of the Greatest JFL Pranks of All Time – 2012


23 thoughts on “Just for Laughs Compilation Funny Jokes Funny Pranks

  1. hahahahaha poor men she touched them with her shoe and they melted what
    would happen if she used something else :D

  2. I love your uploads, these episodes keep me laughing for days. Kudos to
    those that participated in the workout gag. I could not have done that with
    a straight face, my luck I would have been partnered with a guy. Love you
    guys! Keep the awesome videos coming, please!!!

  3. am from Indonesia, I really want to join with you in (just_for_laugh)
    I watch all the videos you up at three in the night

  4. girl at 14:05 is hot and she reacted the way girls do when they get turned
    on. biting their nails or their lips and stare intensely. she was
    definitely turned on lol. 

  5. Nooo the one where the baby falls off the bike is not funny :c The people
    were genuinely scared. Am infant or toddler that is hurt is very scary and
    seems more like a jerk prank.

  6. I believe that only in Asia people stare, but situation is not different in
    other parts of world

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