Jhon Cena dies in a car accident| Solved.

For the fifth time, John Cena, turned into a victim of superstar demise scam. The bogus talk of John Cena’s demise surfaced after a story run by Global Associated News flowed the web saying that the WWE hotshot passed on in a solitary vehicle auto collision and was affirmed dead at the scene.

“John Cena kicked the bucket in a solitary vehicle crash on Route 80 in the middle of Morristown and Roswell. He was purported dead at the scene by paramedics reacting to the vehicle mishap and was distinguished by personal ID found on his body. Liquor and medications don’t seem to have been a variable in this mischance – March 11, 2015.” The fake story was joined by a picture of a toppled auto, apparently John Cena’s.

This is the fifth time Cena apparently “passed on”. A year ago, false reports likewise circled the web that the wrestler passed on in light of a terrible head harm while rehearsing a wrestling trick. Fake reports in 2012 and 2011 likewise guaranteed that Cena kicked the bucket.

Cena, who has won 19 titles, including 12 world titles, joins a considerable rundown of big name’s that are casualties of VIP passing lie. A year ago, fanciful performer Morgan Freeman, Wrecking Ball vocalist Miley Cyrus, nation songstress Taylor Swift and previous youngster performing artist Maculay Culkin have kicked the bucket in the web.

Cena’s end in the web is not really new to wrestling fans. As of late, there were bogus reports of unfavorable passings of wrestling’s greatest stars among them Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit. In 2012, Cena , was included in a three-pile up in Philadelphia when his SUV was back finished by an Acura, which had been back finished by a tractor trailer. Nobody was harmed in the said mishap.

Cena is situated to for a rematch with Rusev, the self-broadcasted protector of the Russian Federation in WrestleMania 31 which is booked to occur on March 29 2015.