Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún Free PDF Download

Internet of Things with the Arduino Yun Free PDF Download

Internet of Things with the Arduino Yun Free PDF Download

What this book covers?

Section 1, Building a Weather Station Connected to the Cloud, acquaints you with the Web of Things elements of the Arduino Yún. In this part, we are going to assemble a climate estimation station (which measures the temperature, mugginess, and light levels) that sends information to the Web. The task will send information to a Google Docs spreadsheet by means of Temboo and log the outcomes in the spreadsheet where they can be shown graphically. The decent thing about this venture is that this information can then be gotten to from anyplace on the planet just by signing into your Google account and heading off to the spreadsheet.

Section 2, Creating a Remote Energy Monitoring and Control Device, concentrates on vitality administration by making an undertaking to switch a gadget on and off (like a light), measuring its vitality utilization and putting away this information to the Web. We are going to interface a present sensor to gauge the vitality utilization of the gadget that is associated with the task. The undertaking will likewise have the capacity to switch the gadget on and off remotely, and we are going to assemble an interface for you to control this change from your PC and cell phone.

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Section 3, Making Your Own Cloud-associated Camera, permits us to assemble our own DIY adaptation of a remote security camera by joining a standard USB webcam to the Arduino Yún. We will perform two energizing applications with this undertaking: to begin with, we will consequently transfer pictures from the camera when some movement is distinguished before it, and afterward we are going to make the camera stream feature live from YouTube, so you can screen what is going ahead in your home from anyplace.

Section 4, Wi-Fi-controlled Mobile Robot, concentrates on mechanical technology. We are going to construct a Wi-Fi-controlled versatile robot with two wheels and a ultrasonic separation sensor in front of it. Furthermore, we are going to utilize the capable components of the Arduino Yún to effectively control this robot by means of Wi-Fi. To do this, we are going to assemble a web interface that will be utilized to control the development of the robot, and this will likewise show the separation measured by the front sensor.

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