25 thoughts on “Insanely Absurd Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

  1. @ALL These are actually not faked, I was pranked by them too when I was on
    vacation lol. They’re real good.

  2. Hey guys! Can you please do a prank where you find a random person and take
    a picture of them and then print them out and then the prankster will be
    asking for his/her autograph acting like the random person is a famous
    person and then there is gonna be so many reporters asking him questions.
    Please notice me! this prank just came in to my mind and I hope you can do
    it. :)

  3. This gag seems so impossible that i think anyone would know its fake. This
    is the first prank of you guys that im starting to think is staged -__-

  4. Your channel is hilarious, we like it so much!
    We just wish there was a bigger emphasis on the people’s reaction after
    being told you pranked them. it is a big part of the prank itself, and your
    edit cut it too short!

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