How to find the maximum power point of solar panel (MPPT project)?

You can take the maximum power out of your solar panel only when you take care of certain parameters.

You are going to learn how to find the maximum power point voltage and current of photo-voltaic module?

Following is the mppt circuit:

Maximum power point test circuit

As it seems, we our going to find out the values of voltage and current whose product will give the maximum power out of the panel.

For this we will need

A voltmeter.
An ammeter.
A variable load resistor. Remember that the current can be high, so you can use a electric heater element as a load as it has greater heat bearing capacity.

Now we see the connections.

Connect the voltmeter across the terminals of the panel . Connect the ammeter so that the load , the panel and tthe ammeter form a closed loop. You should use clamps
at the terminals near the load so that you can vary the resistance.

Start from the maximum resistance. Note the corresponding values of voltage and current in a table. Start reducing the resistance gradually so that the voltage changes
with a step of 0.5 volts. Take the product of voltage and current at each step.

Here is the data collected by our team while perform MPPT on a solar panel. You can see that the maximum power is found to be 34.821 watts at a voltage of 15.9 volts
and a current of 2.19 amperes.

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