25 thoughts on “Do You Want to Feel my Balls? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Pranks on People – Funny Pranks 2014

  1. Im sick of these white nerds trying to make black people bad always going
    up to them tryin to play shitty pranks on them and when they get fucked up
    a bunch of keyboard warriors appear in the comments saying nigger nigger
    because they feel protected behind a screen, NONE of you would say it to
    the guys face, and as for these white nerds playing these shitty unfunny
    pranks, please continue and see if you don’t get more than a little punch

  2. I don’t know what is funnier the video or the comments about “Oh ALL blacks
    and niggers are so anger and violent” Those who write these comment must
    never interacted with an African American before and only has an idea of
    them though Youtube videos. I’m black and I’m not violent in fact I avoid
    it if I can, think before you type. The real comedy is the comments
    of ignorant fools shaming themselves U_U

  3. It had to be the black guy, i’m not racist or anything, in my country you
    see one evrey 2 months so i never spoke with one, but from those videos i
    noticed that the black guys are always the most agressive and attack you
    for no reason, why not say “no” and walk away, why do you have to act like
    a retarded piece of shit

  4. Black people are awesome now you racist fucks go look the other video Do
    you want some dick on this exact channel full of angry whites zero blacks.

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