25 thoughts on “Do You Want Some DICK? (PRANKS GONE WRONG) – Best Pranks 2014 – Pranks on People

  1. It seems to be a new trend that each video has to have someone getting
    pushed or punched for it to be a “success”

  2. stop saying its a prank! this is not a god damn prank. this is just being
    disrespectful its not even funny. and im a quite humorous guy. ppl are
    starting to ruin these prank videos. if you guys wana see what a real prank
    is go to jack vales videos those are real pranks. 

  3. can you stop uploading that guy’s videos please? they are all bad and
    nothing went wrong , he just was waiting for someone push/punch him to stop
    and upload the prank and write “gone wrong” for views..

  4. Where are all the racist comments? When ONE black person punched this dude
    for asking him to touch his balls . That page would full of racist
    comments. White person after white person attacked hm in this video .. and
    there so should there be more racist comments here ?

  5. Why the fuck are they reacting in such a brutal way?
    If a woman would ask if they´d like her tits they wouldn´t have any problem.
    Homophobic idiots.

  6. Soooo when non black people get aggressive over a prank its ok for them no
    racist comments? No crazy mean offensive comments? Hmmm ok…

  7. This video proves it not just black people that get pissed at these pranks.
    So stop commenting on the other videos saying all black are anger!

  8. White people are dangerous and only resort to violence. I’m glad there are
    no whites in my neighborhood. 

  9. The way he says “It’s just a prank” like they were suppose to know before
    he told them. Fucking dumbass 

  10. this has spread to england then; can’t wait for one of you dickheads to get
    wrapped gonna be hilarious. troll station is pranks, this is just baiting

  11. Why do white people over react like they live in a war zone…saying the
    same shit that crackers say about black people with these pranks 

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