21 thoughts on “Best of Public Transportation – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

  1. All these gags were very dangerous, but the first gag with the man-eating
    plant was especially dangerous because someone could have been walking by
    with a weed whacker or machete and trimmed those wild growing plants which
    would have resulted in the JFL gagster losing a forearm or two plus one or
    2 hands plus 5 or 10 fingers. And if the director ordered the man in the
    man-eating plant costume to continue working without hands, he would have
    had to use his feet in the costume, so then that opens him up to the risk
    of losing his feet if another weed whacking pedestrian strolled by.

  2. A magical view on what we all wish our world was like…..could never
    happen of course, but what a wonderful imaginative idea.

  3. Just For Laughs Gags, I have a question. Why there are Portugal flags in
    your videos? This is the third video I see it. -> 1:54

    I am waiting for your answer :)

  4. I would be so pissed if water was sprayed on me lol it’s a girl thing
    though especially if your hair is done. But I love these gags and none of
    them fail to make me laugh! If I were being pranked idk whether to go along
    with it or tell them I’ve seen them on tv XD

  5. The music at the very start sounds very similar to a song. Does anyone know
    what it’s called? If you know what song I’m referring to lol if not then

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