25 thoughts on “Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Top Elevator Pranks

  1. Something I have always wondered is how people end up in a fake elevator
    inside a fake building

  2. The old man falling one is NOT FUNNY. Things like that happen every day and
    you’re LAUGHING at it?!?!?! Not cool man, not cool.

  3. 2:50-3:50 It’s not funny. If this had happened to me, I would have cried
    for two minutes! Really.

  4. The music and sounds effects totally make these videos suck!!! I want to
    hear what the reaction will be not fake ass laughing and gay music

  5. am from Indonesia, I really want to join with you in (just_for_laugh)
    I watch all the videos you up at three in the night

  6. oh my gosh on the last prank when they reached the snow ski floor and the
    door opened and that guy skid across seeing that woman’s reaction, i died!!

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