Best of Practical Jokes – Most Crazy Complex Pranks

Best of Practical Jokes – Most Crazy Complex Pranks

In this practical jokes funny pranks video, the victim is fooled as if he saw a pink large elephant. The victim says yes I do saw a pink elephant but the gag team acts so as to let the elephant pass to next street and goes out of sight.The elephant moves slowly but the gag is so designed so as to make it look vanished and completely gone at the moment the victim tries to explain the incident.

The team is very active to control the elephant and the victim such that it performs the practical jokes pranks very easily.

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25 thoughts on “Best of Practical Jokes – Most Crazy Complex Pranks

  1. id rather just look in the direction of the elephant and pretend not to see
    it so they think there crazy

  2. “ELEPHANT ABUSING” Go check it out, maybe you all then understand, what is
    so sick about this sick “prank”.

  3. If JFL ever wanted to use their talents for evil, I’m completely convinced
    they could do things like the stuff you see in the movie “Now You See Me”
    or “Ocean’s 11.” 

  4. Omg like seriously, What is the music played at 3:40 even called?!?!?!?! I
    want to know!!!!!!!!

  5. my favorite one was 3:40 Hilarious and the Barber Of Seville Overture with
    electric guitar was a nice touch

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