23 thoughts on “Best of Instant Accomplice – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

  1. I love the pranks where you make couples prank each other. It is more
    realistic. Keep up the good work! Love your videos (: 

  2. Just for Gags, for real not wanting to be another coment in your YouTube
    channel, I Loooove you guys, please, let me contact you, that would be a
    big, BIG GOAL IN MY LIFE…. By The Way. 6:14 AM in México,…. yet worth

  3. another fake prank they let them in on it them pertend to prank them wanna
    know how i know because they aciidently put the feetage of them telling
    them to werk for them thats why they show them the sign and everything so i
    cuaght them in the act FAKE AND UNSUBSCRIBED….well not unsubscribed they
    still funny but… FFFFAAAAKKKKEEEE

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