25 thoughts on “Best of Baby Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

  1. All these were very dangerous gags, but today I have to report on a racist
    gag. At 0:32 selling a caucasian baby for $1200 was a very racist gag
    because if you look closely, there is another sale tag in the background
    that indicates they previously sold an African baby for $1100. Why is a
    black baby selling for $100 less than the white baby?! This is an ABSOLUTE
    OUTRAGE!!! Black babies should cost MORE money than the white babies
    because many black babies grow up to play basketball or become rap stars
    where they earn millions of dollars. Other black babies grow up to sell
    crack which is also a high earnings career. The NAACP and Al Sharpton have
    been notified of this injustice. I have a dream that one day all babies
    will be equally priced.

  2. Just wanted to say. Thank you much for sharing these hilarious gags. I look
    forward to each and every one you guys upload. You guys are the best! :)

  3. After I saw the first gag finally I understand how some families have more
    then 10 kids ! :)

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