Best Army Fails Funny jokes funny pranks

Best Army Fails Funny jokes funny pranks

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23 thoughts on “Best Army Fails Funny jokes funny pranks

  1. What’s with all of these guys reuniting with their family, still wearing
    their uniforms? Do they not have the ability to assimilate into American
    society? Do they forever want to be associated with war? Are they unable
    to move on with their lives?

  2. Soldiers stop killing innocent people ! Leave the military ! DONT OBEY.
    Politicians, banksters and co. are using u for their own profits. U cant
    bring democracy to a country by bombing it, why dont u understand that ?!
    We love u because deep inside ur humans too. We are not hatin on u guys !
    You guys just never knew it better. But start to rethink what u have done
    in Afganistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria ..and maybe in the ukraine. Did u brought
    them democracy ? HELL NO !! U helped the psychopaths to destroy lifes. We
    love u . U are just fighting on the wrong side.

  3. American soldiers are fucking scum, they should be killed on sight,
    murderers and savages all of them

  4. I like reading the comments of all the kids that play too much CoD and
    believe the Illuminati is going to take over the world. Literally, every
    one of you that talk shit on the military are the same. You couldn’t cut it
    in the real world, let alone the very job you’re talking all that shit on.
    I like reading your comments, nerds.

  5. Black guy at 3:33 thinks “If my ancestors could see me now, from hanging in
    trees to being taped to truck grill”

  6. hi kid. daddy come home after killing unarmed people in sandals and rob
    they oil so you can live better . now when Russians are on the road your
    dad shit his pants. how are you

  7. Those two soldiers hitting each others helm and then attacking tiny
    trees… Typical army men dumbness. Most “lmao” material…

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