Articles by Faseeh

Articles by Faseeh

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“Every Vice Chancellor talks about making this university the best but no one really thinks about it. Administration, Teachers and other faculty members of all top ranking universities of the world are also human. The only difference is that they are diligent. There is no reason why UET Taxila can’t be the best if we start working for it right now. Let’s do this. Let’s decide that we have to be the no.1 University of Pakistan and get in the list of best universities of the world. We can make it much better, we only need to work honestly. Every person in this university should play his role at his place and become a member of a steadily improving university. Do it from now, don’t think but try it as you can. Whoever you are! you can do anything for this university. No one is ineligible, everyone has some talent and some guts. So try to find them and work for this institution.”

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