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You must be looking for how to make an inverter using arduino, and you are at the right place, I have tried using the arduino Mega 2560 for making the inverter . The only thing you need for a simple inverter using arduino is the pwm from the arduino. See my code below:

arduino inverter driver

Here is the shape of pwm. Please note that two sets of PWM are generated to drive two ir2110 mosfet driver ics‘ low and high. You must be thinking that why is there a difference in On and Off time inspite we want to generate a 50Hz signal?


The reason is to take preventive care to avoid short circuiting of the mosfets while switching the direction of current at the output.

arduino inverter project

Below is the simulation of the arduino inverter driver showing a waveform without applying filters.

ir2112 proteus

The driver ics used here is ir2112.

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